Remember Juicero, the $600 machine that squeezes a bag of juice pulp as long as that bag is confirmed via wifi, so you have fresh squeezed juice? Silicon Valley at its best.

I figured I could do just as well, and designed Juiceppi – an internet controlled Capri Sun Squeezer – in a weekend in 2017. It’s got the last three servo’s from my town’s Radio Shack (cleared out the going out of business sale), and is controlled by an Adafruit Feather HUZZAH.

Of course, this thing is WAY over-engineered. Three status LEDS show internet connectivity and whether a Capri Sun is inserted. Internal IR LED and sensors tell it if a pouch is properly between the squeezing mechanism. Then it’s all controlled using Adafruit’s IOT service.

It’s stupid, it’s ridiculous, but it’s no worse than Juicero, which raised a lot of millions of dollars…

You can see all the models here on TinkerCAD.